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【新书推介】Olivia Milburn|椒房之后:历史与小说中的赵飞燕


University of Washington Press

13 – 05 - 2021


Zhao Feiyan (45–1 BCE), the second empress appointed by Emperor Cheng of the Han dynasty (207 BCE–220 CE), was born in slavery and trained in the performing arts, a background that made her appointment as empress highly controversial. Subsequent persecution by her political enemies eventually led to her being forced to commit suicide. After her death, her reputation was marred by accusations of vicious scheming, murder of other consorts and their offspring, and relentless promiscuity, punctuated by bouts of extravagant shopping.

This first book-length study of Zhao Feiyan and her literary legacy includes a complete translation of The Scandalous Tale of Zhao Feiyan (Zhao Feiyan waizhuan), a Tang dynasty (618–907 CE) erotic novella that describes in great detail the decadent lifestyle enjoyed by imperial favorites in the harem of Emperor Cheng. This landmark text was crucial for establishing writings about palace women as the accepted forum for discussing sexual matters, including fetishism, obsession, jealousy, incompatibility in marriage, and so on. Using historical documentation, Olivia Milburn reconstructs the evolution of Zhao Feiyan’s story and illuminates the broader context of palace life for women and the novella’s social influence.

赵飞燕是汉成帝的第二任皇后,出身奴隶的她受过舞者的训练,此种背景使她被选为妃存有争议。其后赵飞燕遭到政敌迫害,被迫自尽。逝世后,她受到心肠歹毒、谋害其他嫔妃与皇子、无止尽的荒淫等种种毁谤,间以奢靡的购物欲望。  《椒房之后:历史与小说中的赵飞燕》(The Empress in the Pepper Chamber: Zhao Feiyan in History and Fiction)是首部以专书规格研究赵飞燕文学遗产的著作,包括唐代艳情小说《飞燕外传》的全译本,它巨细靡遗地描述成帝后宫的纵欲生活,这部指标性的小说让叙写宫闱之作成为讨论性议题的场域,包括恋物癖、痴迷、嫉妒与婚姻的摩擦。参考史料文献,Olivia Milburn重构赵飞燕故事的演进历程,并阐明了宫廷女性生活的大环境与《飞燕外传》的社会影响。


Olivia Milburn(首尔大学中文系教授)

Olivia Milburn is professor of Chinese literature at the Seoul National University. Her books include Urbanization in Early and Medieval China: Gazetteers for the City of Suzhou.

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