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【新书推介】Lucas Rambo Bender|杜甫之变:乱世中的传统与伦理


Harvard University Press

November 2021

Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series 126


Often considered China’s greatest poet, Du Fu (712–770) came of age at the height of the Tang dynasty, in an era marked by confidence that the accumulated wisdom of the precedent cultural tradition would guarantee civilization’s continued stability and prosperity. When his society collapsed into civil war in 755, however, he began to question contemporary assumptions about the role that tradition should play in making sense of experience and defining human flourishing.

In this book, Lucas Bender argues that Du Fu's reconsideration of the nature and importance of tradition has played a pivotal role in the transformation of Chinese poetic understanding over the last millennium. In reimagining his relationship to tradition, Du Fu anticipated important philosophical transitions from the late-medieval into the early-modern period and laid the template for a new and perduring paradigm of poetry’s relationship to ethics. He also looked forward to the transformations his own poetry would undergo as it was elevated to the pinnacle of the Chinese poetic pantheon.

杜甫 (712–770)常被认为是中国最伟大的诗人,他在盛唐成年,一个相信先前文化传统所积累的智慧将长葆文明繁荣稳定的时代。当社会在安史之乱中分崩离析,他开始质疑当时有关传统应在理解经验和定义人间繁荣上扮演何种角色的假设。

在本书中,Lucas Bender认为杜甫对传统本质和重要性的思考,在过去一千年中国诗歌理解的转变中发挥着关键作用。在重新构想他与传统的关联时,杜甫预见了从中古晚期到近世早期的重要哲学转型,并为诗歌与伦理关系的新范式树立了模板。他也期待着自己诗歌被提升至中国诗坛顶峰时所将经历的转变。


Lucas Rambo Bender(耶鲁大学东亚系助理教授)

Lucas Rambo Bender is Assistant Professor in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at Yale University.

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