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【新书推介】Dirk Meyer|早期中国的文献编集与论证:《尚书》与「书」传统


De Gruyter

July 5,2021


This study uncovers the traditions behind the formative Classic Shangshu (Venerated documents). It is the first to establish these traditions—“Shū” (Documents)—as a historically evolving practice of thought-production. By focusing on the literary form of the argument, it interprets the “Shū” as fluid text material that embodies the ever-changing cultural capital of projected conceptual communities. By showing how these communities actualised the “Shū” according to their changing visions of history and evolving group interests, the study establishes that by the Warring States period (ca. 453–221 BC) the “Shū” had become a literary genre employed by diverse groups to legitimise their own arguments. Through forms of textual performance, the “Shū” gave even peripheral communities the means to participate in political discourse by conferring their ideas with ancient authority. 



Dirk Meyer,牛津大学皇后学院副教授,主攻中国早期哲学思想、《尚书》研究、简帛文献及语音分析。著作有《早期中国论证的文学形式》、《竹上之思》及《早期中国的文献与论证:〈尚书〉和书的传统》。


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