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【新书推介】Alexander Akin|东亚舆图印刷文化:晚明的出版热及其跨境关系


Publication date:

06 - 07 - 2021


Alexander Akin examines how the expansion of publishing in the late Ming dynasty prompted changes in the nature and circulation of cartographic materials in East Asia. Focusing on mass-produced printed maps, East Asian Cartographic Print Culture: The Late Ming Publishing Boom and its Trans-Regional Connectionsinvestigates a series of pathbreaking late sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century works in genres including geographical education, military affairs, and history, analysing how maps achieved unprecedented penetration among published materials, even in the absence of major theoretical or technological changes like those that transformed contemporary European cartography. By examining contemporaneous developments in neighboring Chos.n Korea and Japan, this book demonstrates the crucial importance of considering the East Asian sphere in this period as a network of communication and publication, rather than as discrete national units with separate cartographic histories. It also reexamines the Jesuit printing of maps on Ming soil within the broader context of the local cartographic publishing boom and its trans-regional repercussions.

Alexander Akin在本书中检视晚明出版业的扩大,如何促使东亚舆图材料的本质与交流发生变化。聚焦于大规模印制的舆图,Akin研究16世纪末与17世纪初的一系列开创性作品,包括地理教育、军务与历史等类别,分析尽管缺少类似于改变当时欧洲地图学的关键理论与技术,舆图何以仍在出版材料中达成空前的穿透。  藉由考察邻国朝鲜与日本的同期发展,《东亚舆图印刷文化:晚明的出版热及其跨境关系》(East Asian Cartographic Print Culture: The Late Ming Publishing Boom and its Trans-Regional Connections)的研究阐明:将此时的东亚视为一个广大的交流与出版网络,而非各自独立具有制图背景的单位,是至关重要的。本书亦重新审视耶稣会会士在此背景下的定位,主张在明朝的国土上印制舆图的他们,理应被当作地方制图热潮与跨区域影响的参与者。


Alexander Akin(哈佛大学东亚语言与文明系博士)

Alexander Akin (Harvard University, 2009) has published a number of articles on East Asian maps and edited the English translation of The Artistry of Early Korean Cartography (Tamal Vista Publications, 2008). He co-owns Bolerium Books in San Francisco.

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