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The University of Michigan Press

June 2021


In Writing Pirates, Yuanfei Wang connects Chinese literary production to emerging discourses of pirates and the sea. In the late Ming dynasty, so-called “Japanese pirates” raided southeast coastal China. Hideyoshi invaded Korea. Europeans sailed for overseas territories, and Chinese maritime merchants and emigrants founded diaspora communities in Southeast Asia. Travel writings, histories, and fiction of the period jointly narrate pirates and China’s Orient in maritime Asia. Wang shows that the late Ming discourses of pirates and the sea were fluid, ambivalent, and dialogical; they simultaneously entailed imperialistic and personal narratives of the “other”: foreigners, renegades, migrants, and marginalized authors. At the center of the discourses, early modern concepts of empire, race, and authenticity were intensively negotiated. Connecting late Ming literature to the global maritime world, Writing Pirates expands current discussions of Chinese diaspora and debates on Sinophone language and identity.  


【作者简介】 Yuanfei Wang(南加州大学访问学者) Yuanfei Wang is a visiting scholar at the University of Southern California. She received a Ph.D in East Asian Languages and Civilizations from the University of Pennsylvania.Her academic research interests include but are not limited to: medieval and early modern globalism and China’s literature, Chinese historiography and travelogues of Southeast Asia and Japan, race and ethnicity, pirates and the sea, material and visual culture, late imperial women’s literature, translation studies, cross-cultural exchange in premodern times.

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